About Us

“Because you should be over the moon about your brand.”

Luna Brand Management is a professional consulting firm that specializes in social media management, SEO consulting, and visual design. Founded in October of 2015, Luna Brand Management has grown rapidly in size and clientele, servicing small businesses from Phoenix to Long Island.

Our mission and focus is getting our clients excited about the company they love. We focus on having a strong social media and online presence by creating active social media accounts and company websites that attract viewers. We work hard to create easy to use websites , that stand out with a creative style and layout. We create personal logos and build active social media accounts.  Our goal is to make our clients feel over the moon about their brand!

In such an internet based society, it is important for small businesses to have a strong presence online to get the exposure they want. While most business owners have the vision, they lack the ability and time to bring their company alive online through a logo, a website, or social media sites. This is where Luna Brand Management comes in! We promote a culture where small businesses can have a huge positive online presence. We devote our time and talents to making your ideas and wants a reality.

The Luna Brand Management team is a combination of visual designers, project managers, and interns from the best schools around Texas. We’re extremely dedicated to our craft and work daily to improve our skill sets, which in turn benefit our clients. Our goal is to keep companies updated and active online. We continue to grow our clientele, learning and improving every step of the way!